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Sibling City Pairs

Guidelines for pairing cities:

  1. The cities should be regionally distant and not in the same state. For example, a city from “the Coasts” might pair with one from “the Heartland,” or a city from a “blue state” with a city from a “red state.”

  2. The cities should be roughly the same size.

  3. City leaders and residents are enthusiastic about the prospective Sibling Cities USA relationship.

These guidelines will be refined over time based on the experiences of Sibling City pairs. Learnings will be curated at the national level on an ongoing basis and used to enhance Sibling Cities USA practices.

Want to nominate your city? 


If you want to find a sibling city for your hometown or volunteer to help, let us know! Send an email to We are in conversation with several cities, large and small, who are exploring finding their own sibling city.

This historic inaugural Sibling Cities USA relationship is already building bridges across the miles. The benefits of this cross-regional connection serves as an inspiration for other cities to find their Sibling City partners. 

Our Historic First-Ever Sibling Cities Agreement
Executed February 15, 2022


Bloomington-Palo Alto Sibling City Agreement.png
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